Sunday, January 30, 2011

Easy Sew Ladies Pillowcase Nightgown from a Vintage Sheet

If you are looking for a nightgown actually made from pillowcases, click here for my tutorial for an easy nightgown made from a pair of pillowcases.

This ladies nightgown in this post reminds me of the little girl's style of pillowcase dresses.

When my parents recently moved out of my childhood home, my mom gave me a big box full of sheets.  I love upcycling, and sweet girly sheets are perfect for making nightgowns, in my opinion.  I made this from  Simplicity 9505, and I just love it.  

The nightgown pictured above is version E.  I also made another nightgown in version C, with elasticized short sleeves, but I don't like that nightgown nearly as much as this one.  The main reason is because of the fabric I chose.  I got some bargain cotton fabric on a mini bolt on black friday from Hancock, and it is too sheer for me to be comfortable in.  If I make that version from a sweetly printed sheet, I will probably like it a lot better.  

I know I will be making this version (E) pictured here again; I have lots more girly sheets to upcycle and this pattern was super duper easy to make. This is the kind of easy pattern that even a beginner sewist can make without trouble.  It says Simplicity 2 hour pattern on the front, but I am certain this took much less than 2 hours to make.  Mr. Green has looked at me and said "That's pretty," every night that I have worn this to bed, so like I said, I will make this sweet nightgown probably several more times. 

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elise said...

Oh how ever lovin' cute ! I must try to make myself something like your pillowcase nightie. So (sew) clever!
I really love the fact you chose to upcycle with the fabric. I've never seen an adult version of a pillowcase dress (and always have been a bit envious) now maybe I can try one for myself. Fingers crossed ;)

Thanks so much!