Sunday, August 15, 2010

DIY Pressing equipment

I have been reading a lot this last week, and I have learned a lot about pressing while sewing.

When I first started sewing, I didn't even own an iron!  Quilts were one of the first things I started sewing, and I quickly learned the importance of pressing.  I learned to carefully press my seams to one side or the other, BEFORE sewing across them again.

I noticed that in garment construction, it is often advised to press the seams open, and I learned that I want to carefully press each piece before and after sewing.  But this week, I learned that it is often advisable to press directly over the stitching on seams, before ironing them open, to set in the stitching.  I think I understand that this is particularly important with knits. 

I also learned this week, that accessory pressing equipment can be incredibly useful, especially when pressing seams, especially if those seams are curved.  I am trying to make a shaped bodice for a special holiday dress, and I was having some trouble.  I finally realized that what I needed was a pressing ham.  It seemed like something I should be able to make, so I set to googling.

I found this page, which has instructions for making a ham, a seam roll, a pressing mitt, and even wooden press tools.  I made my ham with a felted sweater for the wool side, and a piece of cotton canvas for the cotton side, stuffed with wool and cotton scraps:

Then I made a seam roll, using two Rolling Stone magazines as the base, which I totally covered with electrical tape wrapped around, followed by a felted wool sweater sleeve, and then I wrapped the whole thing with another piece of cotton canvas (from a thrifted curtain), and hand sewed it closed.

That is my ironing board they are sitting on; I finally made a 2 sided cover for my hanging ironing board:

It is a little loose right now, because I am completely out of cotton batting, which I want to use to make this a padded cover.  So I left it a tad bit loose and did not serge or finish the works fine for now, but I will finish this when I get some more cotton batting.  I made a drawstring casing at the bottom, because it has to open enough for the hinged part when it folds down, but then it narrows when it is folded close, as above. 

I wanted to make one more piece of pressing equipment, though.  I often need a "press cloth," especially when working with interfacing and fusible web.  I also learned in my reading this week that it is handy in pressing certain fabrics (linen is an example) that will develop a "sheen" if pressed directly.  I had seen teflon press cloths in the fabric store, but have just used a fabric scrap when I have needed one in the past.  I googled press cloth, and discovered that cotton works perfectly, and that the customary size is 14" by 24."  I had a super soft organic tshirt in my stash that had a set in stain on the front; I decided this would be perfect.  I used the pinking blade to cut it to this size, and now I have a very nice "official" pressing cloth to complete my DIY pressing supplies.

They sit cozily together at the back of my table underneath the board:

These make me happy to press as I sew!  If you plan to sew clothing, you will need pressing equipment, too.  These things are super easy to make and will make your pressing chores easier.

I will be back soon.  Until then, Happy Sewing!

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Sunny Day said...

I saw your response on Blog Frog and checked you out. I don't sew any more, but when I did pressing was one of my short comings. When I did press seams, etc. the garments looked so much better.