Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Easy Summer Seperates To Sew

I just made this top, using Simplicity pattern 3750

 And here is the back:

It is not really uneven in the back; I didn't notice it needed to be pulled down before I took the pic!

This is the first top I have made following a pattern, other than the pajama top in One Yard Wonders.

I made this top more complicated than it needed to be by choosing the striped print.

This is an easy pattern to sew, for sure.  It has a lot of sleeve options, too.  I am excited about making one  with the "groovy" long sleeve option.   That will go with a long bias cut skirt I have already cut out and I cannot wait to show that completed outfit, which is for fall.

I have been wanting to show ya'll the bias cut skirts from One-Yard Wonders, but wanted to show a whole outfit made by me, and not just a bunch of skirts.  And so I bought the fabric for this top, along with some special blue linen to make the skirt.  But the linen has flower embroidery (in the same shade) and is gorgeous, but needs a plain blouse.

Dolly IS wearing a bias cut skirt in the photo, but I made that one from a sheet as a little slip to wear under a floral circle cut skirt I made from another sheet....

But I digress.  lol  The big mistake I made in sewing this pattern was not paying enough attention to the instructions and sewing the bias tape to the strap and back pieces before sewing them together.  So there is a seam at the neck, which should have been seamlessly bound.  And the contrast band could have looked neater.

I also choose one size too large, apparently.  If you haven't followed a pattern before, please be aware that you definitely will need to make a different size than you normally buy.  I wear a size 6 dress if I buy it from a store, but a garment made from a size 6 pattern would not go over my thigh.  The back of the pattern has measurements, and I did consult them.  I even measured myself again, to be certain my measurements had not changed.  So I choose and cut my size according to the stated measurements, but it is too loose under the arms and in the chest.  I am going to take it in better, but when I repeat this pattern, I will be cutting a smaller size, for sure!

I am pleased in general with how this top turned out (Mr. Green complimented on it before it was even finished and has commented he likes it several times), and I will definitely be wearing this and make the pattern again, especially with the sleeve variations, which I am eager to try.  And I definitely learned several things during the process.

I also really want to tell ya'll about the bias cut skirts from the book
One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Fabric Projects; Look How Much You Can Make with Just One Yard of Fabric! 
In case you haven't figured it out; I really recommend adding this book to your sewing library.
This one pattern alone has been worth more to me than the price I paid for that book.  It is a one piece pattern and super simple to sew.  Because I have a serger to roll the hem, I can sew one in literally 10 minutes.

Here is the very first one I made.

I couldn't find my tie dye to show you today, but when my mama brought me this vintage sheet, I immediately thought of my favorite old tie dye I made with rit dye that has the same faded shades of brown and orange.  That tie dye and this skirt have been my favorite outfit for around the house all summer.  I used another soft cotton sheet to make the bias skirt pattern in a smaller size to wear underneath as a slip, and it makes for a breezy, comfy, cool skirt.  You can see another one cut out on the line in the window.  I need to get brown thread for the serger before I hem that one.  You don't need a serger at all to make this easy skirt, however.  You can make one from a yard of 60" wide fabric.

You will be seeing other versions of this skirt by me (including the embroidered linen and a special long version) soon, as I complete tops to go with them.

There is a sewing and needle book in that last photo, on the stack on the sewing desk.  I have only a couple steps left on that and the tutorial for those should be up soon.

I hope you all have a great day today; Happy Sewing!


CK said...

That top is really cute! Where did you find such neat fabric?

aunt millie said...

Hi. I recently walked into Hancock's fabrics to an unadvertised 50% off sale...they had tables and tables as well as regular bolts in the aisles marked down. I got another couple yards of something even neater in these yellows and blues by the same designer....brb...."Kitty and The Muse." That pretty stuff is pinned to Dolly right now and I am trying to plan how to do a long dress...
I found some other amazing fabric at half off, too....stay tuned, lol.

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique said...

Millie that blouse is very pretty and i am amazed at how easy you say it is.

I am yet to sew using a pattern i dont know why i am so afraid of using one..this post definitely gives me a push to try one out soon.

CK said...

I can't wait to see the other fabric too. Getting it during a 50% off sale makes it even better!