Friday, September 24, 2010

Loom Knitting Socks

One of the reasons I am loving loom knitting is that I can do this on the couch next to Mr. Green while he watches TV, or in the rocking chair in the family room while my children are playing, as I sit in the car line waiting to pick Tall Sprout up from school, and even in bed before going to sleep.  I love my sewing room, but my work in there is much more of a solitary pursuit.

I told you all about how easy it was for me to finally learn to knit using the Knifty Knitter looms.  I knew I wanted to try to make socks, but I wanted a finer gauge (also known as sett) loom than the knifty knitters for this.  I had heard good things about Decor Accents looms, and have had my eye on their Wonder Sock loom, which is adjustable, meaning the same loom can be used for making socks for anyone from a baby to an adult man.

However, I had to go to Hobby Lobby recently, searching for an odd sized sketch book that was on Tall Sprout's school supply list.  I decided to just look and see whether they carried looms, and I found the Authentic Knitting Board Adjustable Sock Loom.  The regular price of this loom was less than half of the one I have had my eye on, AND it happened to be 50% off on the day I was there. So I was able to pick up this sock loom at an incredible, affordable bargain.

I have had Isela Phelps' book, Loom Knitting Socks for a little while now (it was one of several great gifts to me from Mr. Green and our boys for Mother's Day this year), and so I was excited to finally try out one of her patterns.
Of course, a smaller sock will knit quicker, so I started using some stashed wool yarn using the toddler cuff down pattern.  I love the cuff!

I wanted to show it to ya'll on his fat foot, but I chased him around with the camera for a long while and could not get him to sit still.  This baby loves to play chase and is always in motion; I am not psychic but can totally see him with a pigskin under his arm as a running back. ( LOL....I have gotten him a football since I wrote that and he has learned to say "TutsDOWN!" and he does a touchdown dance when he says it, too!  I didn't publish this post sooner because the pix aren't good, but I stopped by here today and thought I should put this up while I am here since it has been so long since I have made any posts).

Anyway,  here is the clearest photo I snapped of the sock on his foot:

But I wanted to tell you about Isela Phelps' Loom Knitting Socks book.

This book is subtitled "a beginner's guide to knitting socks using a loom."  And while it certainly is true that here is everything a beginner needs to know, there is also so much more.  I think it could have more accurately been called the COMPLETE guide to knitting socks using a loom.  There are 50 different sock patterns in this book, and while there are plenty to choose from for your first pair of socks, I don't think you will ever need any other book on the subject!  There are simple socks as well as socks with cables, colorwork, lace, all kinds of designs, including butterflies and hearts and a beautiful trellis design, even complete instructions for making gorgeous beaded socks.  I know this book could keep me and my sock loom busy for many years!   And after working the diversity of patterns found here, and because the author has provided so much detailed information- including the magic formula to know to make socks to fit anyone, I know that I will be able to devise my own sock patterns.  So, as I said, this is surely the only book you will ever need on this subject!


Sunny Day said...

You make it sound so easy and interesting. I would have never even thought about making socks on a loom. My first thought would have been knitting.

Ruth L said...

Hi** I just received my knitting board adjustable sock loom. Right now I'm attempting my first sock. But, for the first time ever my husband said he would like me to make him some sox next. So I measured his foot, multiplied by 7 deducted the 15% and now am left with using from 66 to 68 pegs. My loom only has 60 pegs, sooooooo ? Have you faced this? So far my sock looks like it might be kinda large, but how do you find the sizing? thanks so much ruth

aunt millie said...

Hi, Ruth,
That book I referenced in my post has the formula in it and explains this. If yours looks large you may be knitting with a looser tension, and so maybe you can make it work even though it sounds like your loom technically doesn't have enough pegs for his foot! I noticed that the one I bought is not big enough to make socks for my husband, but I tend to knit tightly. You can buy sock looms in all different sizes, you may need to buy a larger loom for his socks if you can not make one to fit him using the 60 peg loom. It sounds like it might work for you, though. Good Luck with it!