Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thanks to a beautiful blogger.... and a personal post

I need to post a big Thank You to Donna at Comin Home blog.  On Tuesday, I read this beautiful post she wrote about something that I had never before seen as beautiful before....paying bills.

Mr. Green has asked me to take care of this for us, and I have not been being near as responsible about it as I should.  I have always felt overwhelmed by paperwork and have not been on top of this chore, to say the least.
I had some current bills in my purse, some in a pile, and I (LUCKILY) discovered today in doing this task an important bill well past due in my car!  Not to mention receipts galore filling my purses and scattered all about and a checkbook that had no idea what was going on with the receipts

This morning, Donna laid out instructions for getting started with a system and inspired me to tackle this problem today.  And now ya'll just look at my desk:

I certainly didn't take a photo of before, but it was covered completely in clutter and piles of paperwork and other things.  And now, look in the basket:

This basket holds bills due (only one because I took care of  most of them today), a calendar, the checkbook, and a small notebook for my budget.   This is so simple; I love it!

 When I saw this suggestion this morning, I said "Oh NO I don't want to do this today!"  But it didn't take very long and felt SO lovely to have done that THIS happened, too:

I can't begin to estimate how many tiny and various things, along with fabric heaps and unfinished objects were piled on this poor table and it makes me so happy to see it clean!  I can't wait to sew!

I really appreciate Donna's positivity and inspiration she shares by blogging.  I have not been blogging much at all for too long now, and neither have I been sewing.  For most of the summer I have been feeling ill and have been deep in a depressive funk.  It started with this oil spill crapola, but it has obviously been exacerbated by my reading blogs with people sharing their negative opinions about the news and our world.   I am not reading negative blogs any morning again and instead will have a cup of tea with Donna at Comin' Home!

Tomorrow I am going to follow her lead again in my bedroom, which is such a beautiful place but marred badly right now by a mess spilling from my closet.  Donna posted earlier this week showing the great job she did on her master bedroom!

I will be back here soon (and back on our topics!).  Peace and happiness and health to you and yours!

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Donna said...

Dear Friend, You made my day! I don't know you very well, but I feel so blessed knowing that I was able to inspire you to make some progress in finding peace and order in your home. I can't wait to show your post to my dear hubby..who just came home today eight hours after I got back from Grand Prairie and my unexpected painting job.

Donna @ Comin' Home