Thursday, December 23, 2010

Awesome Christmas Album to Download

Ya'll, I am so sorry that I have been too busy to blog!  I had a lot more posts I wanted to make before the holidays, but they will have to wait until next year.  I hope no one minds.

I also hope everyone is having a happy holiday season.  We just put our tree up today!  We always put it up on Thanksgiving night, but this year we waited, because I didn't want to have to fight with my toddler.  He was amazed and mesmerized when we brought out the decorations today, and so far so good with him and the tree.

We have been enjoying the Christmas Spirit so much today and this was definitely helped by our new Christmas album, which has gone round and round in our cd player all day.  It's the soundtrack from a Charlie Brown Christmas, and it is SO GOOD!

You can download it right now from Amazon, and I really recommend you do so.  This will be one of our favorite holiday albums for years, and I bet it will be one of yours, too.

Merry Christmas! and Happy Sewing!

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