Friday, December 31, 2010

Lessons Learned 2010 and Plans for 2011

This has become an occasional blog.  I read another blogger write (in a BlogFrog Forum) that making apologies for not blogging on your blog is a no-no.

But I was doing some backing up and noticed how very many times I sign off a post with a promise to blog something soon, without coming through on that promise.  I am a free spirit, and my muse is as well, so I have learned it is better to go with the flow than to make too many rigid plans for what to make and when!  I am going to try not to tell in advance what is upcoming here so that I do not disappoint anyone if things don't go as planned.

A huge reason I haven't blogged so many things I have made, is because of my (lack of) photography skills.  I made many things for my first craft show, and also for gifts this year, and also garments as well, that I did not blog because my photos are awful.

(McCall's 5987.  Super easy to sew, and inexpensive if made from fleece, you can make this coat in under 2 hours.  This was the first coat I made, and despite how it looks in this photo, it is NOT pink at all!  I made a red one for mom but forgot to take a photo of that one.  I would like to sew another, in navy...maybe there will be a better post on that coat!

Here is the even easier easy jacket from Chic and Simple Sewing.  The contrast on this "print" isn't as strong as it looks here.  But I am still thinking of overdying this in another blue):

I have learned I know little about taking photos, and I plan to remedy this in 2011.  I know 3 skilled photographers in real life, and I plan to ask for their help.  In the meantime, I may show some awful photos of some awesome easy things for you to make.

Baby Color Book, front and back covers, made for a boy.
And here are the front and back covers of one I made for a girl:

I took these pictures in such a hurry that I forgot to tie the bows.  I know that this is my problem with photography- not having the patience to slow down and take lots of time on each shot.  I tend to move quickly and so photography skills do not come natural for me.

I started this blog to learn.  I have learned an incredible lot, especially regarding SEO.  I found out that writing on the computer can put me into that same productive state of "flow" that makes me love sewing.  I have also discovered that this is an easy way to make money, and unlike sewing, writing leaves no mess to clean up!  Because I am accepting other writing assignments, I have not had time to allocate for blogging.  Here's an example I can share, a piece I wrote for Yahoo! movies about the costumes in Tron: Legacy.  I have several more pieces upcoming at Yahoo movies.  I am also working on my first book, and I hope to have positive news on that to share in 2011.

So I am likely to continue being an occasional blogger.  But this blog will continue.  I will try not to make any promises for what is upcoming, but instead post what and when I can.  I will say I have noticed there is more sewing than growing here (at least in regards to plants, vegetables, and food), and I would like to post more of that.  I suspect this blog will always be mostly about sewing, however!

Closing with another bad picture of a GOOD thing.   I have been cleaning and tidying up loose ends yesterday and today.   I feel so happy to be closing out the year with a cleaned sewing room (and bedroom, closets, and house).  I am spending the rest of this afternoon finishing unfinished projects, like that flowered nightgown, which turned out too big and needs work before I will wear it.

2010 was an amazing year.  Thank you to all my bloggy friends who helped make it so sweet.  I hope 2011 will be an even better year for everyone.  Happy New Year!

(and Happy Sewing, always).


Anonymous said...

This has to be The perfect coat ! It is beautiful and hip. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. So very soft looking,is it ?


aunt millie said...

Thanks, Elise. Yes, it is so soft that I find myself wearing this around the house as much as out and about. I agree that it is the perfect coat; it's so easy to sew that there is only one page of instructions!