Friday, June 18, 2010

10 Easy Things to Make with a Serger

Read this article, 10+ Easy Things to Make with a Serger, at Associated Content. They pay me per page view, so I appreciate your click!  All of these projects are fast and easy, and many will make excellent gifts.

I thought I was a beginner at serging.  Well, I would have called myself an advanced beginner, but Ezine articles just sent me a notification that I qualify for expert status.
As Featured On EzineArticles 

LOL.  THAT's how easy sergering really is!  I went from absolute beginner to qualifying as an "expert" in a few short months.  I'm telling ya'll, every home sewist needs a serger!  Serging (with a Janome serger) is FAST and its FUN and its EASY.

Here is another link to my serger review page.  The 7034d Magnolia, linked above, is what I recommend buying RIGHT NOW, as the best deal going.
If you shop around and research, you will know you want to buy a Janome serger from Amazon.  Please bookmark this blog, and when you do buy your Janome serger (you will), and other products I recommend and review- and NOW is the best time- I thank you for buying through links here to Amazon. Please and thank you.

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