Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome to my new home online...

This is my first blog, and I will be learning as I go.  I am moving in now and hoping to get comfy quickly.   Helpful comments are welcome if you see something I should be doing differently!
I will start with a picture, our harvest from today:

(blurry photo removed!)

it's blurry because i have A LOT to learn about digital photography. For now, i am just happy to be able to share.

I wanted a sweet bell pepper in that picture, and in our dinner. But these are destined to be orange bells, and my sweet gardening guy admonished me to please leave them to turn on the plant.

I tried to show you all FIVE of the fruits growing closely together, but look how i focused on the one i wanted for dinner....
and speaking of dinner; it is time to get on that. I will be back soon.

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aunt millie said...

pictured in the bowl are red onions, hot banana peppers, yellow straightneck squash, sequoia purple beans, yellow pear tomatoes, bonnie grape tomatoes and husky cherry and yellow cherry tomatoes and a Black Prince tomato. i also harvested pineapple sage and echinacea flowers for vases today.