Sunday, June 13, 2010

patchwork flag wall art quilt

(UPDATE: 6/27/10- Here are much better pictures of this flag!)

My dear wants me to show you his flag that I made for him.

I am sharing this here for personal use only; please do not make these for sale.  I will open my Etsy shop soon, and will be taking orders for these myself.

The proper ratio for the flag of Ireland is 1:2, and so I made this to measure 21" by 42."  Each colored section is made up of 7 2" strips string pieced with scraps of similar color.  These strips are joined and then embellished by satin stitching on the green and orange sections.  The white section is finished with echo quilting around the four leaf clover at 1/4" intervals.   I first tried to use scraps on the four leaf clover, but we determined that the single green felt for the applique worked best.  Here is a close up of the quilting:

Mr. hard worker has bragged endlessly about this flag at work and so a friend has requested a Scottish flag, which has been trickier, but the top is nearly complete.  I have a date with the seam ripper to do a little bit of tweaking later.   I will show pictures of that here too, once it is finished.

But first,  I plan to share some ideas about organization and management of the sewing room, and share that little tutorial which will help with this task.  -So stay tuned-

Speaking of which, my sewing room needs some management right now, as I have had a productive weekend, making multiple father's day gifts and even a christmas present, and a dress, slip, and purse.  So I will be working on getting it back into order today and I will show you how my sewing room is organized soon..
I hope everyone has a very nice day!

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Charlotte said...

I can't wait to see your etsy store, that patchwork quilt flag is adorable