Tuesday, June 15, 2010

if you ever wanted a serger

Now really is the time to make your dream come true, as prices have recently dropped drastically.  You probably have wanted one in order to neatly and professionally finish your seams and projects, but you would be amazed at the endless possibilities adding a serger will open for you.  I cannot emphasize enough how much my serger has revolutionized and improved my sewing.  I just absolutely adore mine.
I spent a lot of time in careful consideration and much research and when Mr. Helpful told me to buy one,  I bought a Janome entry level serger, and I have not stopped thanking him since.This sweet little baby is the most satisfying and helpful product I have ever purchased!  I have only owned it a couple of months and already I just cannot imagine how I could get along without it; I use it every. single. day. in multiple ways.

If you are considering getting a serger, I encourage you to read this page I wrote that contains a lot of helpful information about choosing the best serger for you. Or just go ahead and buy this serger, right now, from Amazon, at the best possible price (with free shipping), by following this link:

This is not the only option, however.  My serger page lists the differences in several models.  As long as you stick with the Janome brand, you will love your serger, too.  I hope you will order yours soon.  When you do, please do so by following links to Amazon through my blog.  I thank you, as does Mr. Green and our sproutlets.

Happy Sewing!

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