Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chic and Simple Sewing (Book Review) and my little black dress

My sweetie ordered books for me for my mother's day gift, and I got some really great stuff.

Chic and Simple Sewing, by Christine Hayes is an amazing resource for your sewing room.  This book has at least 20 full size patterns for every season of the year.  There are dresses, tops, skirts, even jackets and a cape, none of which need zippers or buttons or any other daunting construction details.  These garments are stylish but all are really easy to make.  This book will be useful for anyone, from an experienced home sewist, to an absolute beginner.  There is an ample section at the beginning of the book that explains the basics you need to know, from equipment to laying out and cutting  patterns.  So this is the perfect book for you if you want to update your wardrobe, even if you have never made a garment before.  I love how the pattern pieces are included in an envelope in the front cover of the book, and while the book is hardcover, the pages are mounted on a spiral binder so it will lay flat on your sewing table.  I highly suggest heading over to Amazon now and ordering this for your sewing library.

While I have made a few garments before, I had never made a dress (except for this, made for a baby).  With the help of this book, I have made MY first dress, and I absolutely love it.  

I made this from the "Retro shift dress" pattern in the book.  However, instead of yardage, I was using an oversized, ugly long black linen dress from the back of my closet, and there was not enough fabric to cut it as wide as the original pattern pieces.  So I made adjustments and this dress is more fitted than the shift in the book.  I had purchased silver metallic thread to embroider on the dress, but I loved it so much as is that I decided to skip the embroidery on the dress and made a simple purse to go with it, instead.

So I am thrilled that my first dress turned out as well as it did, and I can't wait to make more of the patterns in this book.  Again, I encourage you to order your copy of this great book today.

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Anna said...

That's a very cool dress - such a lovely line to it. The matching purse is a really good idea; it allows the dress to speak for itself.