Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Wardrobe Sewing: More Wrap Skirts and a T Refashion

Our weather is already starting to warm up.  So I put away the corduroy and fleece yardage that I haven't sewn yet; I will save those projects for later in the year.  Right now, I am sewing for Spring and Summer.

I already posted about the awesome and easy wrap skirt pattern in Chic and Simple Sewing.  But I am just loving this skirt so much that I made more.  I made a slight modification to the pattern on these, which are now better than the first three that I already showed here.  Instead of sewing the sides and then hemming the bottom, I rounded the bottom edges of the skirt and used the serger to hem the whole thing at once.  This works out better in the way that the skirt hangs, in my opinion.

First I made this one:

That T-shirt was much too big for me, but too small for Mr. Green, so I resized it and added elastic casings to the sleeves and the neck.  I guess this is really the first tee I have refashioned for me; I will wear it but the next tee I recon will be nicer than this turned out!  Dolly doesn't do the skirt justice, though; the length is exactly right and I love the really does look better on me than on her, I guess because my legs are so much nicer than hers!  lol

Here is another:

This skirt matches most every tee in my closet, including this blue one, which is one of my favorites.  I only had 2 yards of this patchworked shirting, and so I made the tie with a brown grosgrain ribbon.  I wear a close fitting muslin bias skirt under this.

I made one more wrap skirt, in a color (yellow gold) that I have never worn, but which says Summer happily...I will show that one later, when I have finished the top I am making up to go with it.

I know I said it before, but wrap skirts are super simple and easy to sew, and fun to wear, too.  I am excited to make some of the other dresses in Chic and Simple Sewing for Spring, too;  I hope to show those off soon, lol.

What have you been working on sewing for Spring?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sew Easy Wrap Skirts for Your Wardrobe

If you haven't gotten Christine Hayne's book, Chic and Simple Sewing yet, here is another great reason to get this book.  A wrap skirt must be the absolute simplest kind of skirt to sew (if you have a good pattern), and I am loving this one. 

I made 2 of these skirts, from start to finish, before noon today. 

 This one was from the same vintage sheet I already used to make short jammies, a ruffled cafe curtain for my back door, and some heirloom seed packets and a covered canister, too!

I also finished up the first wrap skirt I started a long time ago.

This one is a little bit shorter; I messed up the hem when I tried to turn and sew it on the sewing machine, and so I had to trim it.  It is really a WHOLE LOT easier to use your serger to make rolled hems!

Last year I made lots of short bias skirts for the summer, but this year I think this wrap style will be my go to skirt pattern.  It uses 2 1/2 yards of fabric (as opposed to one yard, for the bias skirt), so this is a more ample and fuller skirt.  I am loving this skirt pattern so much for the nice swish-y effect!

There is not so much as even an elastic casing in this skirt, just straight, simple sewing- so this would be an awesome very first pattern for a new seamstress to sew.

I don't have any other yardage I can use for making more of these now, and I am restraining myself from going online fabric shopping.  But I know for sure I will be making a lot more of these wrap skirts.  This is such a classic, and yes, chic, style of skirt, that I know I will be able to wear them year after year.

There are a lot more awesome patterns besides this wrap skirt in Chic and Simple SewingHere you can see my little black dress, and here is another variation of that shift dress pattern, with sweet little sleeves.  I also made the jacket, and soon want to try out the opera and baby doll dress patterns.  You really should get this book now if you haven't!

I really appreciate you making all your amazon orders through links to Amazon on my site!  Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Easy Quilting Project: Make a Wall Pocket from One Block

I have been working hard on rearranging my sewing room and making a lot of improvements.  I keep sitting down to make a post, looking at my photos, and thinking of another improvement to implement.  I have a lot of new ideas to show you soon.  For now, here is one little project I whipped up for my sewing room.  I used a UFO block that was never going to be a quilt.  I had planned to make a throw pillow cover from this block, but have since decided that we have more than enough throw pillows around here!

I always have a lot of garment pattern pieces tacked on my bulletin board, and this leaves no room for the other stuff I want to tack up.  So I used this orphan quilt block and made a big wall pocket for holding whatever garment pattern pieces I am working with.  I wrote a tutorial, too; here is the link to this easy quilting project.  Please stop by and read my tutorial at AC!

Happy Sewing!