Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gift Idea: Easy Earrings and Earring Hanger from a Picture Frame

Okay, it's not sewing, sorry.  But making an earring hanger like this is super easy and for someone who needs it, a much appreciated gift.  I made a few of these last year as gifts, so this one I am showing you is mine.  Hanging on it in the photo are several easy pairs of earrings I made as gifts today, as well as a few I made already for me.

To make an earring hanger like this, all you need is a picture frame in whatever size you want to use.  I have found some nice 8"x10" size ones in my local dollar store.  Mine was made from a frame I already owned, after the glass was broken.  The only other supplies you need for this are a staple gun and staples (or tacks and a hammer) and some screen.  I got enough screen to make at least 10 of these by talking to the manager at the hardware store, who sold me what was left on a roll for less than a dollar.  So this neat gift can be very inexpensive to make.  Of course, you could spend significantly more buying an extra special frame.  You just remove the glass and the back of the frame, and staple or tack the screen tightly across the back.  I love having a convenient place to hang my earrings in pairs.

To make simple earrings, all you need is the jewelry findings, which are very inexpensive in craft stores.  You need the fishhook wires, tiny jump rings, and either small charms in pairs, or earwires for beads.  And a couple pairs of small pliers.  Of course there are infinite ways to make earrings, with wires and stringing and knotting beads and all kinds of other ways.  I am not a jewelry artist however, and I make jewelry very simply like this.  If you have not made jewelry before, this way is affordable, easy, satisfying, and quick.  I have made lots of earrings as gifts, and I often notice my sister or friends wearing the jewelry I have given them, so I know they are appreciated.

I like to make one beautiful pair of sterling earrings and hang them in the middle of an earring hanger as a gift.  Another thing you can do is make a pretty pair and hang them on a small rectangle of colored card and enclose them in a small 3"x5" clear zip or cellophane bag.  Then you can enclose a pretty handmade gift in with your cousin or aunt or faraway friend's holiday card.  They won't cost you more than a dollar or two and about ten or fifteen minutes, but will be something so much more special than just a card. 

I will be back soon with a neat gift to sew.  Until then, I hope all of you have a nice day.

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