Friday, July 30, 2010

Ladies Embroidered Dress or Skirt from a Pair of Pillowcases

I have already showed ya'll how to make a nightgown from a pair of pillowcases.

I thought you might like to see how I made a convertible skirt or strapless dress from another pair of pillowcases.  My mom gave me a huge bin of sheets and pillowcases from her overstuffed linen closet when she moved, and I have had lots of fun making things from sheets!  This time I used a plain pair, in a soft sage green.  I recently bought a new sewing machine that has a lot of embroidery stitches, and I made this to play with those stitches.

I can wear it like this, as a dress, or the way I usually wear this is as a low slung (it fits my hips) skirt.  This was super simple and fun to make.  This was my first successful attempt at using piping.  I think the bias tape hem, the piping, and the embroidery make this garment really sweet.  Mr. Green compliments me on this every time he sees it.  Here is a closer picture of the embroidery:

 Mr. Green shared his opinion that he thinks I must show this dress "with the green sweater."

I didn't make the sweater, though I wish I did.  I actually am about to start working on something similar, in brown.  I want to try Christine Hayne's jacket pattern using some yardage of a decorative, open knit I picked up on sale, lined with cotton gauze.  I am hoping it will work!  I have to dye the gauze brown first, and that sounds like something fun to do now.  Maybe I will be able to show ya'll that jacket real soon!

But back to this convertible dress/ skirt.  I  removed the doubled, hemmed pillowcase band to make the embroidered skirt band.  Then I cut apart the rest of both pillowcases, sewed them together, and gathered to fit the band, which I made to my measurement.  Then I applied the piping, and sewed the skirt to the band.  Because I had bias tape to match the piping, I used that to finish the hem, but both the piping and bias trim could be eliminated to make this easy to sew dress or skirt.

I will be back here soon.  Until then, Happy Sewing!


Grandmother Crone said...

Hi Millie, I thought I'd visit your blog. I was happy to see that you stopped by on mine. The sage skirt/dress is beautiful. I like that it can be either/or.
Truth be told, I am so not handy with hand work. My mom was an amazing sewer (is that a word?) and knitter. But unfortunately, she never taught me. My youngest daughter is a designer and is like you are with making beautiful things.
Happy to be visiting.

Trudy Callan said...


I'll have the pics up from the photo shoot of my latest skirt on Monday. The previous post is the tute on how to make it. See you then.


Tiffanee said...

Love it!! What a great blog! I love to sew and am always looking for inspiration. Thanks for stopping by. Now following you. Off to check out all your other amazing posts!!

Lana said...

Hi Millie, popping in from blog frog. I'm looking forward to getting some good ideas from your blog.

ARS said...

Very adorable!
Question, though; did you need a hook or zipper or anything?
And thanks for stopping by & checking me out! I'm following you, now, as well :)

aunt millie said...

No zipper or even elastic. If you make the band to fit you exactly right, you can easily slide into it, but your hips (or bust) will hold it up perfectly.
It doesn't fit on Dolly's hips as well as it does mine, that's why I didn't show her wearing it as a skirt.

Nan said...

Hi, I'm your 50 follower, Thank you for join my community , hope and wish you will often visiting and post your topic,
Have a great day.

Eileen said...

I love this little dress. very clever. thanks for stopping by my blog. I am off to see if I can vote for you!

CraftyHope said...

Hey! I got the comment on my blog and decided to stop by yours. You make some beautiful things. I'm glad to know there are other crafty folks in the area. I've added you to my feedreader and look forward to what else you have to say. Keep it up!!