Friday, July 16, 2010

Gifts to Make: Zip Bags for Everyone

Small zippered bags are really easy to make.  I have made lots of these for ladies, as cosmetic bags.  I made one today to save as a Christmas gift for a friend:

I have been thinking lately that these do not have to be for ladies only, and that anyone could use one.  So I made another gift, this one for a man.  I made it slightly larger so he can use it to hold toiletries, etc. for travelling.  This fabric was originally a shirt that no one here would wear, but the guitars are cool:

Then I made one, slightly smaller, for a nephew, for transporting his Legos:

You can buy bags already made by a beautiful mama for Legos on Etsy, at heartsongfarms.

I make these kind of bags by cutting rectangles from fabric, batting, and lining fabric, which I quilt together.  Then I attach the zipper.  After sewing the zipper in place, I sew it down neatly.  Then, I sew up the side seams.  Before I had a serger, I used to make binding for covering the seams and making it to look nice and neat inside.  Now I just use the serger.  Then I pinch the corners on the inside and sew them down, to make the bag flat on the bottom.  This is nice as it allows the bag to stand upright.  There must be a million different uses for these, and you can make one in about 15 minutes.  I think they make a great gift for anyone.

Before I leave, I will show you this other little bag I made.  I cut the pieces for this little bag by following the shapes of the folklore bag, but significantly smaller.  It took a bit longer than my simpler zip bags above, and I was not entirely pleased with my execution of this, but since I mentioned it before, I will show you; maybe it will give you an idea...

So now it's your turn.  Take an hour and make up several fast and cute bags now to stash away for holiday gifts.  It feels great to be crossing names of the gift list already.  Have fun!  I will be back soon.

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