Friday, July 23, 2010

Handmade Gift Ideas Will Continue All Year

Hi!  I have more than 2 full pages, front and back, of gift ideas to make and to show you.  Some are tutorials I need to make, some are for projects from other creative folks that I want to make.  I have only scratched off a small portion of these gift ideas and July is nearing its end.

Re-use-Full Gift Wrap!
I have been storing a lot of Christmas fabrics for several years, that were passed to me by someone else.  This morning I decided to go ahead and get started on wrapping my presents and made small gift bags, as well as that holiday stocking gift bag, which has a drawstring flap inside it to prevent anything from spilling out.

So our holiday ideas in July continues, but will be extended throughout the rest of the year.  Gift ideas to make will be a constant theme on this blog.  You will also see here DIY fashions and clothing to make for everyone, as well as gardening and recipes.  Whatever inspiration brings up and I make, I will show you.

The next post will be up soon, and it is a holiday idea.

I made this one for me and cut out three more for gifts.  I will post this project as soon as they are done.

I have also been busy with DIY summer fashions and I want to work on new dresses soon and so I am just letting ya'll know that my muse is demanding not to be restricted!  So every post for the rest of July will not be limited to holiday ideas.  Gift idea posts will continue, however, for the rest of the year.  I have lots of cool ideas for easy gifts to make to show you.  I hope no one will mind some fashion inspiration and other DIY interspersed as well.

I will be back soon.  I hope everyone has a great day today!

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Ewa said...

I just thought I'll say,I'll love hanmade gifts ideas, I'm from Friday follow (post on the blogfrog -ok, I know it's Sunday) I'm following you and I will come back to check more good posts, have a nice day