Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Holidays Gifts: Sewing and Needle Book- You Can Win It!

 Happy Saturday, Ya'll.

I haven't finished with the tutorial for this yet.  I want to make it a pdf file (which I will share with my followers as a gift, and sell after that), but I have a little learning to do first.  I hope you all don't mind waiting; I apologize!

But I can show you the first sewing and needle book I made.  This is the gift I am giving away next week.  And as I said, am working on making the instructions into a pdf file, so that you can make one for yourself or someone you love, too.

This is the front cover.  This little book has a zippered pocket to hold folding scissors, a seam ripper, needle threader, and quilter's thimble.  This little book is my original design; do not make these for sale.  If anyone wants to buy one, they will be available in several different cover designs in my Etsy shop, opening soon.

Here is a look at the inside:

This book is not exactly perfect, as I wish I had not used that darker green thread to sew closed the zip pocket.  Like I said, this was the first one I made!  It works just fine and I think it is pretty.

This is the back cover.  This project started when I bent to the scrap bag just to grab a little piece to test that orange/gold thread, which I hadn't used before.  Something inside me told me to make something pretty while I tried out the thread.  I made the patchwork piece that became the front cover, and when I looked at it, the idea for this little book just popped in my head!

I will announce the winner for this either Sunday evening or at the latest on Monday, July 12, 2010.  Comment on this post for a chance to win it.  Or, as I have said, to reward my loyal readers, if you are a follower of this blog I will put your name in the hat twice.  Three times if you comment!  I will let my 1 year old choose a name from the hat as the winner.

Good luck!  Ya'll have a great day; I will be back real soon.....


Stephenie said...

That is so cute!

pmaiello said...

I love your blog; I'm into loom knitting at the moment, but I've been sewing (2 sewing machines, one was my Mom's, and a serger). You are so creative, I have to make that car carrier for my grandson. You looked very organized, and make cool organizers.

I like your scrubbie, but I'm not sure once you take it off the loom what you are doing to make it round? Do you have directions you can send me? Thx, Pat

aunt millie said...

Pat, I explained the process in the dish scrubber post. Once you take it off the loom, you use the thread tails to sew the short sides together, just behind the first pegs worth of knitting; this makes a ridge/ handle. Then you center that on the top and sew it doesn't become round at all, but with a flat bottom and a handle at top.

Diana said...

I love your scrubby pattern. Thank you as I have been busy making kitchen items for CHRISTmas gifts. Diana

Anonymous said...

I love this! It would be neat to keep tucked into a glove compartment for those little "oops" moments.
I also love the scrubby! I will have to get some nylon yarn!
Bonnie from Texas!

Haylee said...

Please enter me in! I'd love to win:)